Experience & The right spirit

Dr. Daniel Mark
Dr. Daniel MarkChief Executive Officer
Daniel tours the world inspiring people about a future with Spindiag, a future we believe will be better for both doctors and patients. As a physicist, he loves data-driven discussions about Spindiag’s impact on reducing costs for hospitals while increasing patient safety. Early in his career he became a pro at fundraising and continues to attract a remarkable, extremely supportive and growing board of investors. Together they shape Spindiag’s journey.
Dr. Gregor Groß-Czilwik
Dr. Gregor Groß-CzilwikChief Scientific Officer
Where biochemistry meets fluidics, Gregor and his team of molecular- and microbiologists master the crucial system integration to perfection. As a life science engineer, he gained the unique ability to not only tweak polymerase chain reactions (PCR) to the fluidics needs, but also to outperform manual PCR in terms of speed and sensitivity. The result: an ultrafast and highly sensitive PCR that keeps bringing smiles to laboratory doctors. For Gregor, cycling is more than just a sport.
Dr. Mark Keller
Dr. Mark KellerChief Product Officer
As a life science engineer, Mark is especially fascinated by the fit of Spindiag’s technological possibilities with the market needs. He embraces user needs as if they were his own, bringing an ultra-sharp focus to Spindiag’