We are a start-up with the solution for an urgent medical need: The detection of drug-resistant bacteria. Our system performs rapid on-site testing and can be used to quickly identify patients carrying drug-resistant bacteria. This is an important tool for improving patient safety in hospitals, since it prevents outbreaks of drug-resistant bacteria by early detection and isolation. Our company has been the winner of several highly prestigious business plan competitions and is series A financed. We are looking for motivated and skilled students to support our venture.

We are offering the following project: Ultra-fast PCR in a point-of-care diagnostic instrument as a master thesis (in cooperation with IMTEK).

Your tasks

  • Goal of this thesis is to make a very fast point-of-care diagnostic system (30 minutes time-to-result) even faster (10 minutes time-to-result). This includes:
  • Identification of a suitable test method / assay
  • Optimization of our microfluidic protocol and fluidic design
  • Optimization of our temperature protocol for speed
  • Testing and verification of the optimized protocols

Your profile

You have a strong drive towards applied research and you are determined and thorough. We are expecting a structured approach and a candidate that can independently find her/his way in complex tasks. You should be fluent in German (and English). Ideally, you have first experience in performing PCRs.

Our offer

We offer an attractive project in an innovative and successful start-up. You will gain insight in our daily work as a small, highly specialized team. Your working hours are flexible. An experienced team member will guide you while working on your project. In collaboration with IMTEK, we offer the possibility to handle this project as master thesis.

Your contact:

Dr. Gregor Czilwik, SpinDiag GmbH, Engesserstr. 4a, 79108 Freiburg im Breisgau. Please send us your application as a PDF file (max. 10 MB) to jobs@spindiag.de.

Download job offer.